Our Story

Suzette's journey into the world of jewelry was like stepping onto a hidden path, one that few had dared to venture down. It was a road less traveled, but it was where her passion for beauty and design truly came alive. With each step she took, she could feel her lifelong dream of entrepreneurship inching closer to reality.
In the intricate details and careful craftsmanship of her unique jewelry pieces, Suzette had finally found her creative niche. It was a place where her imagination could run wild, where she could bring her visions to life with every stroke of her tools.
But as her business flourished and her skills sharpened, Suzette's ambitions grew. She wanted to share her love for jewelry making with others, to ignite their own creative sparks. And so, Elements of Antiquity was born.
The idea for this line of pewter components came to Suzette on a stormy afternoon, as she sat in the Tampa airport, waiting for her flight back home. Lost in thought, she reflected on the humble beginnings of her jewelry business and pondered what the future held.
Inspired by the beauty of antiques, the wonders of nature, and the stories of people, Suzette knew she wanted to design her own components that would capture these passions. Not only would she use them in her own jewelry creations, but she wanted to open up a world of possibilities for other jewelry enthusiasts. She wanted to give them the chance to construct their own personal pieces, to express their own unique style.
Each piece of Elements of Antiquity is meticulously crafted with pride in the USA. The components have a three-dimensional quality, a result of an elaborate antiquing process that adds depth and character. And this is just the beginning. Suzette is constantly developing new designs, eager to share her love for jewelry making with other creative souls who will incorporate Elements of Antiquity into their own masterpieces.
So go ahead, explore this website and let your imagination run wild. Let the pieces inspire you, ignite your creativity, and bring your own jewelry creations to life. And don't forget to share your thoughts and designs on the Elements of Antiquity Facebook page. We can't wait to see the magic you create.