About Us

Suzette Bentley 1A passion for beauty and design brought Suzette down a road less traveled. While she had a life-long dream of becoming an entrepreneur, it wasn't until she stepped into the jewelry world that she felt she could bring her goal to fruition. She realized at that moment that she had found her creative niche. At first, this primarily included designing jewelry; however, as her business and skills grew, her goals did as well, in time bringing her to develop Elements of Antiquity, a line of pewter components available to other jewelry crafters.

The idea for Elements of Antiquity actually came to Suzette one stormy afternoon while she sat at the Tampa airport. She was waiting on a return flight to take her back home to Waxhaw, North Carolina where she shares her life with her supportive husband and daughter, Scott and Isabella. As she waited, she thought back to how her jewelry business started and what she hoped to accomplish in the future. Suzette is inspired by antiques, nature, and people and wanted to design her own components that represent this point of view. Along with using these components in her own finished jewelry designs, she decided to open up creative possibilities to other jewelry lovers who wanted the chance to construct personal jewelry pieces as well.

Each Elements of Antiquity piece is made in the USA, a fact the designer is very proud of, and the components have a three-dimensional aspect, the result of an elaborate antiquing process. Along with the pieces in the current collection, Suzette has a number of other designs for this line under development. She wants to share her love for jewelry making with other creative souls who will incorporate Elements of Antiquity into their own jewelry creations.

Feel free to browse and imagine as you explore this website, and perhaps, share your thoughts and jewelry creations on the company’s Facebook page.